Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Lovers and outside world

The curtains fail an attempt
to cover the blooming love,
a guilt of  innocent contempt
of the mundanity of the world.

The lovers follow their signs
given by their longing hearts,
as their bodies entwines
all desires being fulfilled.

The winds of the world
travel and far and wide
the affair  soon unfurled
staining the pure essence

The watchful eyes sees unseen
some feel happy for the two,
They have also been
through these youthful days.

But there are foes of love too
They condemn , call it filth
and stop them getting through
the lovers face a tough test

Such an irony it is, I say!
For love face hatred
but it is the only way
to unite the lovers...

Copyrights reserved 2015 Nikithahingad


  1. # Beautiful , Indian mindset .A travesty , fourth stanza ,is
    poetic justice.

    .* All world loves the lovers;
    A few sees crimson red with
    flowing twigs blighting ones' views !