Saturday, 5 December 2015

Book review :Symphonies of Love

I have received a signed copy of this book from the author.
My expectations:
When I saw the title of the book, Symphonies of Love, I expected love or romantic poems. And seeing a thin 60 pages book of poems I expected it to be short read and probably wouldn't be enough for a reader. 

As I began reading the book, I found many poems on love but not Hollywood/Bollywood love but the love for God. Mr Bernard has reminded me of my childhood days with his poems. I studied in a convent school and I realized Jesus was part of all my prayers. And also I realized love is just not between two people from opposite sex. Love is for GOD, for parents or any place. 
As I read more and more further I saw themes like relationships and loving praying God. I did like a poem my darling. It was rhyming. And sounded sweet. Almost all his poems do not rhyme but they flow really well. 

His poems show strong influence (positive) of christian upbringing with terms like Satan, Judas, Jesus, priest, holy mass, cassock used in his poems. His poems are recommended to any child in the world. They have a positive message of love. Even his poem Our Romance, (which is repeated twice in the book) has no sign of eroticism. Hence the book can be read by all age groups.

When I reached middle of the book I saw no symphony of love but a poet wanting change in the world. He has expressed strongly with his simple language. I like the poem 'World of my own'. He has cleverly used the line " to change it, to mend, to make it my own." He is a philanthropic poet wanting and seeking a better world. He made me look at Warriors in a different light in the poem "Murders at War". The poem "life is just like that" "December days" and most of his poems are general and makes reader easily connect with him. I liked his poem Simple plan which is written with great simplicity but has wisdom of words. 

Most poets write a lot on mothers. It is always easy to express with mothers.But Mr D'sa has dedicated not once but twice to his father. He also has poems on death handled well. 

Symphonies of Love ends with the poem Journey of Eternal Happiness. It rhymes and I really liked it.

There are 3 sketches by Paru Salman in the beginning and the end. They are good but they could be easily missed. Why not include them in the middle ?

The book looks small like I mentioned before but its a disguise and can fool anyone. It has great content and I think the number 51 is just right not less not more. Quick read but lasting impact!


  1. I actually give good poetry book reviews.. Just check out the rest of them.

  2. I actually give good poetry book reviews.. Just check out the rest of them.