Sunday, 24 July 2016


When I flipped through Subhrajyoti  Parida’s Bouquet, I found plethora of praises by authors and writers . And I wasn’t sure if I could add more to the reviews and foreword. But nevertheless I give you my opinion of this fine collection of poems.
                Subhrajyoti like a florist arranges his rhymes and verses in a bouquet and gift them to his readers. Some of his poems are wild and some are nurtured in a botanical garden. A reader would definitely enjoy these various themes and a reader is free to choose their favourite flowers- the poems.
His poems are written in most simple language and in rhyming schemes and follow a pattern. And the book is divided in 7 sections and this is has made me easier choose my favourite poems. Themes do overlap sometimes. Most of his poems complain about the society, humans destroying Mother Nature. The poet raises social issues like female foeticide and also environmental issues. I see immense passion flowing especially when he writes about environmental issues.  On lighter note, Poems like chocolate and lollipop made me feel hungry.
In the section emotions, I found a strange lump in the throat of the writer. I am not sure if it was compulsion to rhyme or a lack of words when writer’s pen is overwhelmed with emotions. But this made me feel empty and I wish they were expressed more freely.
My favourite sections were life and small poems. I really enjoyed them. In fact I wish they were arranged in the beginning.

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