Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Note to readers

Dears readers,

After officially annoucing my book on March 21st. I got a good response. I have opened up to my readers with seven interviews.
Interview with Infornicle
Interview with ebooks India
Interview with Global Asian Times
Interview with Kaushal Gupta
Interview with

I am also featured in Tanzania site and my poems posted in  Poetry blogspoetry sites and  reviews in reviewers sites,  literature magazine and author sites

Readers have generously given their reviews and ratings on , and was On bestsellers list and Hot releases in Amazon India . 

Whereas I continue to post poems on my facebook page Philia and Sophia and short stories on author page

Philia and Sophia was never an end but a beginning . I have contributed five poems to an anthology
Gust of Wits and a short story to Deep tales.

Thank you for the support !!!

Nikitha Hingad

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