Wednesday, 4 November 2015

A solution

We all search problems outside and not within. We go to Singapore or Japan to find solution to problems of India. I think that's how it is. We meditate less and debate more. In ancient days, Mahaveer, Buddha sat under a tree till they find all answers. Vedic Rishi knew more than scientist of today. But common man like you and I are so engrossed with petty things in life, we fail to see big picture. Our life is micro level but we assume it is macro.

I read in secret by Rhonda Byrne that law of attraction can be applied by a group of people. Maybe that is why group prayers are more effective. Maybe if all masses come together we may move mountains. To lead masses we do not have good leader from past century. After Gandhi in India, Mandela in Africa we never had strong and good leaders. And I also said it is Aquarian age even if leaders will come forward, masses are in no mood to bow someone. We don’t bow before our teachers or parents anymore. Those who do are hypocrites. Then how will the masses be lead? Should God whom I see as alien figure come down to earth and take the 10th avatar. Or maybe some planets are making us dance to their tunes in gravitational force. 

Our life as a human is a mystery to me sometimes. Sometimes they say destiny is in your hands. Sometimes they say it is controlled by Karma/luck/fate. Sometimes I feel if life is a gift then why am I not enjoying it? Why is working a suffering. When earth was young it had more resources and just Adam and Eve to enjoy it. Now there are less resources and more demand. Maybe that is the reason for clashes. Each one of us is working to reach top of the pyramid. Power is with minority. 

But maybe all this is MAYA the eternal illusion. Maybe there is enough for everybody and we fail to see any of it. We are so busy suffering with the problems. Our emotional fog does not let us see vast oceans. Maybe we never had problem. And it was something we attracted. Our mind is not at peace. Maybe if we all contemplate and meditate we can find solutions to our problems; Meditation is nothing but focus of minute things such as breathing. Our life would be better off. 

People like Kiran Bedi had started Yoga or meditation in Tihar jails. It shows spirituality would improve our life. When I refer spirituality, I do not mean religious dogmas. For me both are different.

We are running towards materialism (Rahu) but we should go towards spiritualism (Ketu) but with this nature we have evolved. We had the ape brain and reptile brain. We evolved after we had another layer of brain which had logic in it. So I think the bigger brain, then more problems. More power, more responsibility. Everyone is on this earth but we create a myth of pyramid of organisation. Power is itself a mirage. The day we wash off all our materialistic values like ego, greed and gluttony we shall find peace. 

Maybe that was the reason ascetics or Hermits left the social structure to be in forest. Like those Aghori babas or Adivasis. I feel they have simpler and less complicated lives. The best things in life fresh water, fresh fruits and fresh air are all coming free. The ingenuous tribes in Andaman and Nicobar don't even wear clothes. And we mock at them. We feel we are more sophisticated. We are so proud of our logical brain that we forget there is reptile within us which is simultaneously active. This brain needs to be fed properly.

This animal brain in us loses moral conscious and like a cheetah attacks a deer, the rapist attacks a woman. The hunter mind was dressed in corporate clothing but was always animal within. We all need to exercise this reptile brain safely. Like the indigenous people paint their bodies and dance free and wild with no restrictions. We all need it too. Today’s man is worried who will think what. And later they become hypocrites. Trust me even the most decent man can slip and commits crime when provoked and when there is no society around to control them. Anyone can become a criminal. People just look for a chance. So the reptile brain in us needs to release all the repressed emotions. It should be exercised in sports or art or music. The naked paintings would be a good way release terrifying emotions. Or repressed emotions would just lead to crime by white collar man and be covered by paying the black coat advocates.

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