Friday, 21 August 2015

Review of Diary Of The Heart: Little Red Book by Watkins

I was given a free copy of Diary of the heart: The Little Red Book for a fair and honest review. Poetry is very subjective and is a difficult task to review because each person has his/her own taste. I read lot of poems on the internet and I am not a harsh critic cause like I said before Poetry is an art form and everyone has their own tastes. 
In the beginning the author says – I write for me and only me. And He says unlike his previous books he chose not to cut out and so almost all his bare thoughts are revealed here. He chooses to expose his vulnerabilities in public eye which is rarely seen. So, whoever is prepared to be touched the intimate way and is interested in reading bare emotions of a stranger’s diary should go for it. The rest of us wouldn’t relate to him. 
So the Diary of the heart is just like the title, the book is designed like a diary and the book cover is a plain red background. It’s like a personal diary of author describing his emotional journey from 2014-15. In fact the title of poems are itself just dates (I didn’t like that as for a reader dates are just numbers and of no use to us).
Though the Author is from UK chooses simple lay man’s language to express his emotions. He neither uses rhymes nor heavy jargons. I think the author has underplayed his writing skills perhaps to reach the masses. He uses lyrical forms in some of his poems and I like that. But in the poem “Ends of the Earth” I wish he added the chorus “Will follow you to the end of the earth for the last two paragraphs as well. 
Then there were one-sided-infatuation-poems which made me feel as though I am reading my stalkers diary. They were too intimidating and I simply didn’t like them. 
I liked poems like Negativity, Small building block, the path, be the first for inspiring me. Poems like memories, M U 2 and Christmas Love were sweet. And treat me like a canvas, Insert name were creative. I like the truth bluntly said in the poem ‘Time’.
Some of his poems were so long and boring. His depressing lines were dragged too far. I just did not want to read any of it. It was like reading his depressing plain monologue with himself or his imaginary conversations with his lover. I just got bored and I was wishing it gets over soon. Short poems like “What did I say?’ were better than his long passages like “Surrender”. It is not that I do not listen to sad poems but I like metaphors to exaggerate pain. He uses simple language which doesn’t suit my taste. Some of the puritans and sonneteers wouldn’t even call them poem, would call them prose pretending to verse. He also doesn’t play with minds of reader, saying something and leaving the rest for the reader. He says it all. Some classic poetry lovers who like decoding and deciphering the hidden meaning of the poems may not like it. 
I like to conclude by saying that Mr Watkins is a good writer who can express emotions with minimum vocabulary. He is also lucky to have is mother to proofread for him. And for a self-published author that is a great boon. And she has done a great job Book trailer 

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