Friday, 21 August 2015

International Women's day

Today, the international women’s day is a day dedicated to all the women in our lives. Today’s woman is not only a daughter, a sister and a mother, but also a journalist, actress or an astronaut. Women have come a long way. Pat on our backs for our long list of our achievements. If our great-great-great grandmother would be alive, I wonder would she be in awe. Or would she say, “Well, you don’t have burden yourself, my girl” In past decade there was dynamic change in our economy which made every middle class woman aspiring to take a job and be independent. But in spite of our landing moon, are women able to secure themselves? Can she walk alone on this planet?

Now there comes the real issue -The safety of a woman. The famous Nirbhaya case was all over the media. Jyoti Singh, a 23 year old medical student was brutally gang raped. And the documentary made by Leslee Udwin who was also a rape victim is causing great debate in our parliament. Her interview with Mukesh Singh, one of the prime accuse, causing the ruckus. Mukesh Singh, the rapist has lack of remorse or regret in spite of being imprisoned. He clearly states that it was Jyoti’s fault to go out after 7pm. So he justifies his crime as he feels she wasn’t a decent girl. And if she wouldn’t have fought back, she wouldn’t have been hit. It was the first time in history where the real cause of such crime against women has been shown. But our politicians say showing the rapist mindset will increase such crimes. And the Home minister of our country is of view that this will affect tourism of our country and it will defame our country.  So our dirty linens were washed in UK by BBC. The ban on this video created more sensation and 300 thousands of people of our country watched it online. I watched the video too.

The documentary may affect our tourism. The damage is been done. It should have actually been shown specifically to the Indian audience. The documentary should reach all the criminals first.  They should learn to respect women.  But it reached UK audience and they saw like another Slum Dog Millionaire. And there will be an Oscar or a Nobel for Udwin and BBC Mount Everest TRPs. But the documentary shows all aspect of rape and it is unbiased and well shot.

The documentary India’s daughter is worth watching. There is no detailed scene of rape like any Bollywood movies have which our uncensored TV shows every day. Jyoti is not raped again in the documentary but is given due respect for her short life. It doesn’t promote rapist views. It shows the reality of our society.

The defense lawyer’s mentality shows the true mindset of our society. We as a society failed to discipline our sons. He clearly blames on the character of Jyoti for having premarital relationships and deserves to stay at home. He is unashamed to say that India’s culture is best and there is no place for women. The documentary is mirror to our mindsets.

There were some scenes where accused Akshay Thakur’s wife says is also a daughter of the country. Her life is useless without her husband.  There is no regret like true Bhartiya Nari she supports her husband in spite of being wrong. So helpless is a woman to her husbands’s wrong doing. Mukesh, with no regret says after this verdict, the rape victim will be killed leaving no evidence. Juvenile will be released in December. The case is still pending in Supreme Court. The prosecution lawyers also demanded ban on this documentary reason being it will weaken their case.

May be this documentary showed the darker side of our society. May be it is raising alarm for safety of women. But it also showed million people gathering in protests. People who didn’t even know her name or ever seen her, those people thronged on streets. The suppressed women came out. Students, housewives, professionals all demanded for a new law. The nationwide protest showed it was a time for change of rape law. The tolerating, suppressed, demure women have gone. The patriarchal society shall be changed soon. It is a beginning to change for the better. There will soon be equality in our society.

Jyoti, we are proud of you. You set an example to all of us. You made us proud. Your life is an inspiration to us. Such parents and such a girl should be saluted.  And by broadcasting this documentary more women will not be ashamed to be victims and be brave enough. She is no more but she is alive in our hearts and so is India’s daughter. I salute her on International Women’s Day!!!

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