Friday, 21 August 2015

Why do I write poetry?

My younger sister asked me, "Neel, why do people write poems?" LOL . After a pause I said, " Because they like to. Can you ask someone why do you sing songs or do art-work?. "So it is a time pass , hobby is it?" She asked further. I said " Yes" and finished the conversation before she ask me more dumbfounding questions. LOL
Actually it makes sense what she asked. I did tell her that people read novels and stories. There are very few poetry lovers. Then why are we stillwriting poetry. Are we manufacturing a product which is outdated ? Or are we making a luxury product that only few intellectuals can afford 'cause the lay man doesn't understand poetry.
When I tell people I write poems and ask them to read, they say "O its too complicated" and "I am not a literature person" etc. Even the ones who read bestseller novels tell me that. Is poetry only meant for school curriculum like a musuem antique piece to be studied before it gets extinct?
There are lot of myths around it actually. Poetry is not only about Shakespearen sonnets which are complicated; I agree. But also those beautifuls songs you listen are a form of poetry. Most lyrical poems can be actually sung. Poetry is and will always exist. Those shayaris you read are poetry of course. And the few lines you see in Greeting cards are poetry.
Poetry is a beautiful way of telling the bitter truth and also the greatest lines by a lover. Poetry heals hearts.
So Join me on this page and lets take sips of poetry .

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