Friday, 21 August 2015


I think we all know that each individual is capable of doing anything. But not everything at once. As human society evolved we developed skills and became expert in one form of skill though we knew other forms. Slowly we started exchaging one work for another. For example you cook for me while I go hunting. Or you make my clothes and I go fish. And thus people grouped themselves specialising in one set of skills. This was barter trade. A cobbler exchanged shoes for clothes from a tailor. Look closely cobbler exchanged time ie labour hours for labour. It was time which was traded. We have one life and we wanted everything the best. So we had professionals to do one kind of job for us and in return we did one job . This way time is exchanged. Slowly, the time replaced something valuable like gold.
If you realise even we can mine diamonds and gold but we pay the miner. And the more old the carbon is, the greater possibility of being a diamond. Older minerals had more value. Ancient artificats has own value. Its basically exchange of time.
So why do some have more time/money and some have less? It's basically best use of time. In eight hours of the day the more value you add to the time , the more you earn. And yes we bargain time too.
The Bankers know the real time time value of money. When they lend us loan, we promise not just the principal but also the interest. We promise our future value of time in exchange of present one. After all present time is most valuable of all . We grow older our time is shorter. The youth has longer time, the old the shorter.
So in short time was the real money !

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