Friday, 21 August 2015

Dream Lover

Dream lover
(my first love poem written in 2006 during my hindi class :P)
From a distance, you look like a happy man who leads the world and when you get depressed , you look like a small kid throwing tantrum.
Then I feel like pulling your cheeks and planting a kiss on them and moving my fingers on your hair.
But when you come closer to me I feel as though I mighty ruler has come to conquer me.
And when I look into your eyes, I see a friendly exciting glitter and on that the precious smile which leaves me stunned for a while
And when you greet me , sometimes when you salute me gallantly
You leave me speechless...
Your voice makes me jump on my seat! ans sometime I feel like embracing you.
I imagined I waas in your arms , I smelt your cologne and felt an enigmatic ecstacy.
I felt something roared within me and at the same time felt relieved , oblivious about the world around me.
Your touch first strange but later warm and comfortable.
Your arms are for my body to rest. Your heart is where I like to live.
i wish I could dream this dream throughtout my life. But I know, one day I have to wake up and come back to reality !!!
copyrights reserved nikitha hingad
From the book of love and wisdom
Philia and Sophia
Nikitha Hingad
Poetess Nikitha Hingad


  1. Nice intermingling of words Nikitha..the verses flowed in harmony with the dream thoughts but better not wake up to harsh reality! :-).