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Years after the evil Kans was killed by his nephew Krishna, the kingdom was at peace. Devki , mother of Krishna was waiting for her valour to arrive. When two twin monks asked for alms, she gave alms to them and went inside. When again the monks came back and asked for alms, she assumed they were too hungry. So she gave morsels this time. But she was agitated when they came back the third time. She told them "monks shouldn't be so greedy, why you come back again and again?"
The monks looked at them innocently and said "Mother we are six brothers, we all look the same. Our brothers might have come here before us. "
Queen Devki refused to believe them. So she followed them to their Teacher Lord Neminath. Lord Neminath being Thirthankara was Kevala Gyani ie aware of past present and future. 
He told Devki that these six monks were her own children who everyone presumed were killed by Kans.  Devki was in tears. Her maternal affection filled her bosom with milk. She couldn't show her love towards these monks. Devki was sad and depressed. 
Krishna was so busy with administration and warfares that he barely gave time to his mother. He came only once to meet her. So every time he came, his mother celebrated the annual event. But this time she was so sad. 
Krishna went to his mother's room and asked "Mother, aren't you well? Why have you not come to see me?"."Son, I am hale and hearty. But I am so ill fated. In spite of giving birth to seven sons, I couldn't feed my children, play and cuddle with them. You were brought up with Yashodha. And I just couldn't see you grow up. I wish I had a child whom I could raise" She said.
Krishna couldn't see her mother in depression. He went to forest and fasted three days and took great penance till Lord Indra, appeared. "O krishna, I am pleased by your penance. What do you seek?" Krishna asked for a younger brother so that his mother could raise him. Indra granted his wish but there was a condition. A child would be born to Devki but he would renounce worldly pleasures during his youth.
After a year, Devki gave birth to a son and named him Gajsukhmal. He was raised well by his mother. He grew up into a fine archer, young handsome man. Krishna was worried. He remembered the condition. What if he took Diksha and renounced the world and took path of monkhood? So Krishna decided to get him engaged.
Once Krishna's chariot's wheel got stuck and they halted near a Brahmin's house. There he saw Brahmin's daughter. She was epitome of beautiful woman. "She probably could lure back Gajsukhmal towards materialism", thought Krishna. He promptly went inside the Brahmin's hut. Seeing the King appearing, the Brahmin was perplexed. He said, " why did you take effort to come my humble hut?you should have called me. Did I do something wrong? "
Krishna asked his daughter's hand for Gajsukhmal. Being the king of the land, he couldn't be refused. So they agreed the time and date of marriage.
Lord Neminath was far off cousin of Krishna. He was near the city of Dwaraka. Inspired by his sermons, young Gajsukhmal renounced the world and took monkhood. He immediately went graveyard and stood still, closed eyes and meditated deeply.
Seeing his son in law, as a monk, the Brahmin was furious. His daughter wouldn't be married to anyone. He took charcoal and placed on the monk's head. Gajsukmal was calm and composed. He knew the reason of his father in law's act.
In previous birth, there were co-sisters. The elder co sister was jealous of younger one. One day the younger Co sister's son was ill. So she asked the elder one's advice. The elder one asked her to place hot chapati on the infant son's bald head. After doing so the infant died.
In this birth Gajsukhmal faced his previous birth's karma. In spite of the heat on his head by the burning charcoals, Gajsukhmal thought "How lucky I am my father in laws ties me a turban towards my salvation!" Thus Gajsukhmal forgives the brahmin and calmly attained liberation.
Copyrights Nikitha Hingad 2015 
Source: Jain scriptures

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