Monday, 2 November 2015


Gender discrimination

A lot has been told and written about this topic. Status of women has changed drastically. Women empowerment and crime against women is the happening topics discussed everywhere in the media. But maybe with this article I may bring some new direction to the hot current topic.
First, people are constantly fighting for injustice. Everyone complains about unfair treatment. Like these days reservation is one unfair treatment which was brought to eradicate another unfairness i.e. caste system. And discrimination based on economic status of a person, the rich, the poor and the middle class who prefer not to discriminate or be discriminated. This discrimination is universal. People with better resources are always feared and respected. And in some places it is not economic resource but people with physical strength are looked upon as leaders. Most of the tribal people come under this category. Within indigenous tribes there is no money so there is no capitalism. Here it is based on strength. And later in Vedic system we know Brahmins were worshipped because of their mental strength. So basically there was always discrimination and unfairness. After all we humans are from animal kingdom that have ill treated and betrayed our fellow mammals and climbed up on the social ladder. 
Now that we know there is unfairness everywhere on different basis from time immemorial, let us understand gender discrimination. Can men and women be truly equal? Many say education can give women equal status. Then discrimination will be based on degrees. So let’s assume women have better degrees. Will they still we considered equal? If we read some of quotes by educated man like Chanakya, He considers women as threat and he also feels women do not have enough brains to think individually. Women are in groups mostly. Maybe women of those eras never had individual voice and never felt safe to go against groups. And generally women give more importance to relationships over their self esteem. But with so many women writers, I think education has made an impact to reduce the discrimination.
We all live in capitalist country where each individual have equal opportunity to grow, so naturally there will be rich, poor and middle class. So to be not discriminated women should have money power. And maybe women should just do all the work which pays them money. But then what happens to our selfless housewives who are satisfied by nursing old and ailing. Is it really good for our society? What if a man stays at home to look after children? Then he will discriminated by capitalist society. No wonder women end up doing both and tiring up themselves. Then where is the equality?
Then the indigenous and the communist society may be a better society for equality. People work in groups. Everyone respects one another. Statistics say crime rate in indigenous tribes are lesser comparatively. But communist is not the modern society wants. The fall of Berlin wall is the biggest example in history. The modern society wants equal opportunities to grow. That is monarchy is not suitable to this Aquarian age. The royalty and palace is every common man’s desire. It shows we like royalty but it should favor us. So discrimination and unfairness is good as long as we are at the side of the power. We like the power but hate being powerless. So I think in the process of making equal status for women, let us not discriminate men.
This is the Aquarian age. Lot of wars will be fought in name of equality. Friendship and individuality will be more important. It just another time and era we live in. So every issue will brought forward. Ecologist will say save plants, PETA will say save animals, LGBT will support gay rights. Lot of issues which our ancestors ignored will be highlighted till the earth is a place with no discrimination.

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