Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Age of Democracy

This is the age of democracy and not monarchy. There will be more and more causes coming up. It is the Age of Aquarius where humanity and friendship will be of utmost important. 

Let me take an example of Sati. In days of Mughal invasion, Rajput queens and wives of soldiers decided to sacrifice their life because they felt threatened by the Mughal conquerors. They didn’t want to turn into prostitutes in harem. So that was Sati. I think their act was justified. But later this became forced orthodox practice which Raja Ram and British government abolished it. 

And currently Muslims eat beef but Krishna worshippers and Jains respect cows. If you go back to history to the place where Islam was found, eating meat of carnivorous animals is a sin but not herbivorous. But Krishna lived with cowherds and he himself was a Kshatriya. So with the era and time period and also the place, right and wrong is defined. If you see even animals have right to live and so does a plant. Some people think it is foolish to save trees. They think why should be concerned about dumb animals and plants. But you ask the ecologist they will give you the reason.

Then come to abortion. When a woman has been given right to give birth. She has to carry baby for 9 months. A feminist would say it is basically her right to abort or keep the baby. So it is debatable. No one is wrong. Time defines right and wrong.

Capital punishment is age old practice. Why do we hang criminals? Obviously they are threat to the society- the majority. See it is always what majority wants and that is the essence of democracy. 

When British left India, we were crores of peasants and slaves. When people do hard core labour, they do not have time think so much. That is why Shudras were considered less intelligent. Obviously you making them work like donkey how can think like a cat. Even women were burdened with physical labor. They didn’t have time to think. When machines took over the Kitchen women had free time to think. And that is why in this Aquarian age, there will be no kings and no slaves and everyone can think and act. Only machines will be slaves to human.

And by the way different religion and regions have own laws. In Karnataka state women are part of HUF property and others they are not. Then coming to dowry, I feel it is okay to gift your daughter some money and possessions. After all sons you give property, business etc. Daughters had only one expense that was wedding whereas the son had to be given education, property etc. He had to stand on his feet. So he was pampered so that he takes care of his parents. So there was a selfish motive.  So I think its okay to give dowry to daughter and not in laws. In laws you give like a bribe so that the daughter is not ill treated. Imagine if in laws ill treated her and she left their home and the piece of jewelry she is given can be sold for her personal expense. Daughter’s life was hard living with strangers and work like as ass and Parents gifts come handy in harsh times. But soon demanding dowry like Sati became a ritual. That is what is wrong. People just ape ancestors when they can’t find solutions. Rituals become rules and they don’t even realize it. 

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