Friday, 21 August 2015

Review on Moustached-Poet-Few-Pots-Poems

I loved the book cover design and also the name of the book. I think it is very unique. I liked the fact that author dedicated the book to poetry lovers.
The poet writes in free style. He follows no fixed pattern like any modern poet. From the poem “Rains” I noticed he can rhyme well too but he doesn’t force or restricts himself.
 He sees poetry even in simple daily occurrences in life. He is a good observer. He writes poems on people and issues which we as a society tend to ignore. And I appreciate this quality in him. After all a true poets sees the unseen.
I found his poetry more like folk tales or regional language poets. If you read Kannada poet’s Kuvempu’s English, they are very similar to his poems. . After centuries if our future generations need to know about our culture and lifestyle, then this piece of literature would help them.
He describes a lot. He has satire poems written about stark realities of life. And also breaking stereotype like step mother and crow I liked the conclusion (poet’s words) added after a poem. It seems like the poem is a song and there is narration after. It gives a clear picture on what circumstance the poet has written these lines. It is easy for people who have minimum vocabulary or find it difficult to decipher poem’s true meaning.  To be honest I read some of his poems twice to understand them more deeply. His poems need to be read slowly and leisure.
 He expresses so gently about everyday emotions and I think everyone can connect with his poetry unlike what people usually think that poetry is not their cup of tea. He is a poet since eight he says and I see the way he writes. It shows how beautifully he expresses. And it seems like he has been reading poetry along with academics. I like rhythm in the poem Stubborn.  The poem my kite is as if child has written it.
The Moustached poet: few pots of poems are a good collection of poems giving glimpses of his life and various people around him.

Suggestions: I would prefer the poet divided poems into different segments. And also please write an Author’s note at the end of the book for your kind readers. I suggest the conclusion poet’s words are renamed as author’s note because poet’s word is the poem itself.

PS: I wonder as to why Mr Goswami doesn’t grow a moustache!

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